Installation Manual

Operating and installation Manual

User safety is a major focus in the design of our products. Following the precautions outlined in this manual will minimize your risk of injury. CM pumps And System will provide safe, trouble-free service when properly installed, maintained, and operated. Safe installation, operation, and maintenance of CM pumps And System are an essential end user responsibility. This Pump Safety Manual identifies specific safety risks that must be considered at all times during product life. Understanding and adhering to these safety warnings is mandatory to ensure personnel, property, and/or the environment will not be harmed. Adherence to these warnings alone, however, is not sufficient — it is anticipated that the end user will also comply with industry and corporate safety standards. Identifying and eliminating unsafe installation, operating and maintenance practices is the responsibility of all individuals involved in the installation, operation, and maintenance of industrial equipment. Please take the time to review and understand the safe installation, operation, and maintenance guidelines outlined in this Pump Safety Manual and the Instruction, Operating and Installation (OIM) manual.

Operating and Installation Manual